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Build Your Own Computer

Build Your Own Computer in 4 Simple Steps

PhotobucketWhat sets this website apart from other "build your own computer" websites? Well, its the fact that it covers everything, not just the building part but also giving advice on what parts to choose and helps you get started with finding the best deals on parts. It can be used by someone who has no prior knowledge of the inner workings of computers.
To access some very useful links to help you build your own computer, have a flick through the links section. For the latest technology news visit my blog. It has some of the latest technology reviews and now and again a few tutorials.


Step 1: Configure

Choose the Parts which you think suit your needs and budget best.

Step 3: Build

An easy to understand guide on how to build your computer.

Step 2: Buy

A list of sample builds to help you get started.

Step 4: Install

A quick guide on how to install Windows on your system.

Why Build A Computer?

So, you're still a bit unsure about why building a pc is so great. There are a couple of reasons for why people want to build their own computers

Build A Computer Which Lasts Forever!

ATI CaseWhen you build a computer, you build it with upto date parts. All the parts you use follow a standard and many of your parts will still work with newer parts in the future. Your case will be the same basic shape as everyone elses meaning any part made for a computer is compatible with your case. If you don't buy a video card but then later want to upgrade to one, you don't need to pay a small fortune for someone to do it for you. You just buy one yourself and put it in and it will most likely work. If you find you don't have enough RAM to run your favourite game, just go and buy some more and put it in. This is what building your own computer is all about. Theoretically you can use the same computer forever! Just change the parts as one component gets old and add new ones.

Maximise Flexibility

Secondly, by building your own computer you add flexibility. If you go and buy a computer from Dell, you don't know what brand of parts their using, it could be the cheapest possible, with loud, cheap and annoying fans or poorly made components. It will not comply with standards making upgrades impossible. If you build your own computer, you can choose your own parts. You don't have to stick to what the manufacturer is offering you, just buy whatever you want. You can buy the highest quality parts and custom build your PC to your own specifications. This flexibility can save you money, say if you don't need a video card, don't buy one and leave the option to add one in the future. Rather than just sticking to what someone forces you to put, you can completely customise your PC.

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